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His Not My Colour Chapter Thirty Four

His Not My Colour

πŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏ His not my colour πŸ’ƒπŸΏ πŸ’ƒπŸΏ
🏫A crazy Nigerian girl In An American School 🏫

✍️ Written by Wilfred Bright ✍️
Chapter Thirty Four
Theme: Ungrateful wretch

πŸ˜’ Elo’s POV πŸ˜’

“Why are you back so early.” Rose asks, powdering her face and I sighed, I still feel bad, I shouldn’t have left Jake. Ugh.

“I can’t explain. Are you going out?.” I ask her changing the subject, the Rose I know, would still want to know why I’m back so early, she shakes her head at me, knowing I changed the subject on purpose. I sat on the bed and then took off my shoes, before, laying on the bed.

“Yes, Carl is taking me out.” She said, and applied a purple lipstick.

“Aww that nice, have you noticed that Gage and Emma, seems to hang out a lot.” I ask her curiously.

“Wow, I thought I was the only one noticing it, the both of them are always together, maybe they are dating already.”

“I don’t think so, they can not be dating and we won’t know, we are all friends.”

“Maybe they are afraid of what Jake would say, girl I’ve got to go now, see you later.” She blows me a kiss and then rushed out of the room. Ugh, I’m going to be bored, why did I even leave Jake’s house, ugh.

I stared at the ceiling boredly, I hate boredom, and the next thing I knew, I was already on a trip to Dreamland.

The ringing of my phone invaded my awesome sleep, and I cursed the personal ten times over. I opened my eyes to check what’s the time, and OMG, it’s 11:55, almost midnight, who the hell is calling me by this time, or could it be Rose, since she isn’t back from outing yet. Ugh, I’m going to give her a piece of my mind on e able to find the damn phone, I don’t even know where it is, the stupid phone has stop ringing. I finally, found my phone on the bed, can you believe It was actually under my stupid pillow, ugh. I went to my call logs, and I am more than surprise to see it’s Mrs Hunters that called me. I was still wondering why Mrs Hunters, would call me, when she called back again. Okay what do I do, now, should I pick it or not.

I was finally able to summon the courage, to pick the damn call, so i swiped the green button, I was about saying hello when her voice came through my phone speaker.

“Help, please help me, my house is on fire.” Mrs Hunters pale voice comes through the phone, and I stare at my phone in shock, what does she mean by her house is on fire. Is this a joke or what.

“Mrs Hunters, what did you say.”

“Please help…” And that was it, I called her name severally but she didn’t reply me, even though the call hasn’t been caught, oh my God, what do I do, what if this is a trick, what if she’s trying to trick me, into a trap, but what if her house is really on fire, oh my God, what do I do now.

Hmm, okay I know what to do, I quickly tore a piece of paper and informed rose of the call and that I’m going to Mrs Hunters house, I didn’t want to end the call, if not I would have sent, Jake and Rose a text instead. I just hope rose sees the letter on time, and that Mrs Hunters isn’t trying to trick me into a trap. Oh God.


I arrived at Mrs Hunters house, and through to her words, her house is really on fire, a lot of people are gathered around it, and some people are just recording the whole thing.

“Has anyone called the emergency number.” I asked a random stranger, standing in front of the Mansion gate.

“No, I don’t know.” The man answered, gosh, I can’t believe people.

“Please, someone call the emergency number, please I’m begging, there’s a lady in there, so, someone call the emergency number.” I yelled, and ran into the compound, I ran all the way from the gate to the Mansion, luckily for me, the fire hasn’t reached the lower part of the house. I went to the kitchen, on the tap and then removed my shirt put it under the tap, so the water can soak the shirt, once the shirt is fully soaked I tied it around my face like a face mask, so the smoke won’t affect me that much.

Then I ran upstairs, but that was were my luck ran out, there was fire everywhere, I took in a deep breath, and opened the first door, and no sign of Mrs Hunters, I checked the next room and two more rooms, but still no sign of Mrs Hunters.

“Oh my God, how am I supposed to open this door.” I utter in shock, staring at the fire surrounding the door, I’m hundred percent sure Mrs Hunters is in here. Okay Elo, you’ve watched a lot of action movies, and you’ve watched a lot of movies, where the hero rescue a person from fire, a burning house. So you can do this Elo, you can this, okay…, I raised my leg up and kick the door open, really hard.

Oh my God, everywhere is on fire, I close my eyes because of the intensity of the smoke, ” Mrs Hunters, are you in here, Mrs Hunters!!.” I yelled, my eyes closed, oh jeez the fire is too much, I rushed back to the sitting room and brought down the curtains, then ran back to the room, I tried using the heavy curtain to off some of the fire, luckily for me I was able to create a pathway, for me to get in the room, and I saw Mrs Hunters, laying down on the floor looking so pale, she must have inhaled a lot of smoke.

“Mrs Hunters, hey are you alright, Mrs Hunters.” I tapped her, but she didn’t wake up, oh my God, what am I supposed to do, hmm, what to do, what to do, I have an idea. I tore part of the curtain, and rushed to the bathroom, where I soaked the torn curtain with water. I rushed back to Mrs Hunters, and squeeze the water on her face, she coughs opening her eyes, “You, you came.” She whispered weakly.

“You did not expect me to leave you here, did you?.” I asks her, trying to help her get up, I placed my hand around her waist, and then helped her stand.

She stsred at me shocked, not able to say a word, I didn’t say anything either and then led her of the room, and out of the house, luckily for us, by the time we got outside, there was an ambulance waiting, right outside.


“How is she doctor.” I asked the doctor, the minute he walked into the hallway, where I was ask to wait.

“Well, if it wasn’t for you, coming in time to save her, I would be given you a bad news but since you saved her, there would be know bad news, the patient is awake, you can see her now.” The doctor says, and I smiled, then thanked him.

“That won’t be necessary, I have to go home now.” I informed the doctor.

“Well, she asked to see you, so why don’t you see her before going.” Really, Mrs Hunters asked to see me, but I don’t want to see her, ugh.

“Okay then.”

“Right this way miss.” The doctor, says and leads me to Mrs Hunters ward.

I walked into the room a little bit nervous, not knowing what to expect. “The doctor said, you wanted to see me.” I said, to Mrs Hunters, who’s actually facing the wall, I heard her take in a deep breath before turning on the bed, so she could face me.

“How much do you want.” She asked in an emotionless tune, and I stare at her confuse.

“What do you mean.”

“I mean, how much do you want me to pay to, for saving my life.” I blinked my eyes in disbelief, as I stare at the woman, i left the comfort of bed for, in the freaking middle of the night, the woman I passed through fire for, is she for real, like, what the hell is wrong with this woman.

“You’re not seriously asking me that, right?.”

“State your price, and I’ll give it to you right now, you see I don’t want you thinking that I should like you, now that you saved my life or any thing, I don’t like you and I’m definitely won’t be indebted to you, so name your price, so I can have my rest.” Wow, just freaking wow, I can’t believe I saved this ingrate, this ungrateful wretch.

“Now let me tell you something Mrs Hunters, I don’t need your money, neither do I need you to be indebted to me, I left the comfort of my hostel in the middle of the night, because I wanted to saved a life. I don’t know what is wrong with your brain, or why you can’t actually use it to think well, but for once please, use your fucking brain, or you’ll end up chasing everyone dear to you and then what?, You’ll end up a sad lonely woman, with no family to call her own. The earlier you change your disgusting attitude, the better for you. Have a nice day, Mrs Hunters.” I turned my back at her, and walked out of her hospital room, with raised shoulders, yeah, that’s right, my father thought me a lot about dignity.