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His Not My Colour Chapter Six

His not my colour

💃🏿💃🏿 His Not My Colour 💃🏿💃🏿
🏫A Crazy Nigerian Girl In An American School 🏫

✍️ Written by Wilfred Bright ✍️
Chapter Six
Theme: Sweet Revenge or is it🤔

😉 Elo’s Pov 😉

“So you’re saying, Jake is responsible for the chocolate batter dumped on me yesterday.” I ask rose again, and she rolls her eyes at me.

“Girl how many times do you want me to repeats myself, Jake is responsible okay, you see we have this web in the school, where the popular boys and girls makes an announcement, and Jake announced his going to dump chocolate batter on you, so anyone standing close to you should move away.” Rose explains.

“And how come I don’t know about this website.” I asks her frowning.

“Ugh, first of all you’re a new student, secondly, you don’t expect Jake’s target should know about the web, I’m pretty sure if you try joining, you won’t be able to, you must have been block from it already.”

“Wow, who would have taught a cute guy like Jake would do such a thing to me, and for no reason.” I utter in disbelief.

“Well, you did stain his shirt with chocolate.” She states and I roll my eyes at her.

“And that’s not enough reason for him to pour chocolate batter on me, in front of the whole school.” I grumbled.

“Okay, first of all, that batter was dumped on you in the cafeteria, I’m pretty sure not every student of Richmond university, witness your humiliation. And secondly, you didn’t seem to mid about the whole embarrassment thing, when you were busy asking for biscuits.”

“Well, you can’t blame me, the chocolate taste so heavenly.” I mutter, pouting.

“Oh boy.”


“Why do you keep on checking your phone at every seconds.” I ask rose frowning, as we head to class.

“What do you think, girl you’re targeted by Jake Hunters, anything could happen any minute.” She says still staring at the screen of her phone.

“Are you actually praying for me to get pranked again.” I ask her frowning.

“Nope, I’m only being careful not to be in the cross-fire, talking about cross-fire, it’s time for your second prank, I’m sorry Elo but I’ve got to be very far away from you, like right now.” She utters smiling sadly, moving away from me, alongside the other students surrounding me. Ugh seriously, another prank, how can Jake stoop this low, if he has a problem with me then he should say it in my front, not playing all this childish game, ugh, I wonder what I’m gonna get stoned with, this time.

“Ohh it’s egg.” I mutter as the egg landed on me, and do you want to know the worst part, it’s freaking rotting egg. Ugh.

“Seriously, rotten eggs, huh. I’m a human you know, and throwing rotten eggs at a human being is despicable, you’re despicable. Ugh, I can’t believe this, aghhhh.” I yelled out as more rotten eggs hits me, this is really painful, I had to quickly run out of the damn place, cause I’m pretty sure those bastards are ready to keep on throwing me that disgusting, smelling egg. Ugh.


😏 Jake’s Pov 😏

I smirked, as I watch the stupid nigerian girl run out embarassed, now that’s the feeling I’m looking for.

“Why are you smiling, ugh don’t tell me you still went ahead and carried on with your plan.” Carl states, as I walked into the private class, I ignored him and sat down on the couch. I don’t know why Carl has to always be so judgemental.

“I still feel you should have let the poor girl alone.” He says and I only ignored him, there’s nothing poor about that girl she’s demented and that’s it.

“You know what I think.” Gage says smirking at me.


“I think the both of you will end up falling in love with each other.” He says and I only glare at him. Idiot.

“Come on, Jake. This is not a joke, this is how love story starts, the both of you hate each other and then there’s a spark and before…”

“Shut up, Gage, there will never be any feelings of love between I and that girl, neither would they be any spark, so shut up.” I growled at him.

“I still… hmm, what’s that disgusting smell, oh my God.” Gage says, using a cloth to cover his nose and his right, there’s a terrible smell In the class, and right that minute, the girl I wished never to come in contact with ever, barged into the class, reeking of rotten egg. Oh my God, I’m going to puke.

“Hi Jake Hunters, would you like a hug, it’s free by the way.” She says grinning, opening her hands wide, coming over to where I’m currently sitting on the couch and I quickly stand up from the couch but that didn’t stop the demented witch from pursuing me around the room. Oh geez, I’m dead.

“Stop Jake, I just want to give you a hug and remember it’s free.” She yells out still chasing me and right now I’m almost out of breath, like how is she not tired.

“I don’t want to fucking hug you, leave me alone.” I yelled back, still running.

“Awww, that saddens my heart, just a hug, only one hug. Come on Jake, plsssssss.” She yells out chasing me around the room.

“Guys come on, help me.” I yelled out.

“Sorry Jake but you were the one who pranked her so please carry your cross alone, I’m out of here.” Carl says and walked out of the room.

“Uhm, I would have love to help you, Jake but you see I’m allergic to rotten eggs, so…. I’m also out, bye crazy cute girl.” Gage says also, and walked out of the class, leaving me alone with the demented witch. Betrayers.

“Is either now or never, Jake. Come get a hug.” She says, grinning evilly, walking up to me in slow steps and I moved backward, soon enough my back touched the freaking wall and I had nowhere else to go, and of course the witch was right in front of me. Before I could blink my eyes, she hugged me. Oh jeez, I’ve never felt so disgusted with myself in my whole life. Yuck. And then she didn’t stop there but went ahead and smeared my face, my handsome face with rotten eggs, ugh😢.

“Now that’s better, it was nice meeting you Mr Jake, have a nice day.” She says merrily and then takes my bottle of water, she drinks from it before hopping out of the class, having a big smile on her face. What relationship, does she have with my bottle of water. Ugh.

This is not the end, demented witch, this is not the end but first I’ve got to have a bath. I stink.

To be Continued…

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