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His Not My Colour Chapter Eighteen

His Not My Colour

πŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏ He’s Not My Colour πŸ’ƒπŸΏ πŸ’ƒπŸΏ

His Not My Colour
🏫A crazy Nigerian Girl In An American school 🏫

✍️ Written by Wilfred Bright ✍️
Chapter Eighteen
Theme: Be my girl (1)

πŸ˜‹ Elo’s Pov πŸ˜‹

After saying my mind to Jake, I angrily walked out of the sitting room, okay, that wasn’t successful cause he grabbed my hand and then drew my closer to him, then kissed me and this time I returned it, I gave into the sweet taste of his kisses, running my hands through his silky black hair. Through this kiss i could feel words unsaid, I could feel raw emotion emanating from him, I could feel his love and care. Rose was right, Jake do Love me.

“So…” Jake drawls, separating from me.

“What do you mean by so, just because you kissed me doesn’t mean is enough, I need words, Jake, a kiss is not enough for me, I want you to tell me how you feel about me, Jake.” I said softly, staring at him intently.

“I just don’t know how to express it, I don’t know what to actually say.”

“Just say the first thing that comes to your heart, Jake. Say it all.”

“Okay fine. You know a lot of people think I’m rude, proud, arrogant, buts that not me…”

“Are you sure about that, you did dump a nicely baked cake on a girl, on the first day I resumed school.” I said cutting him off.

“I only did that because that girl was desperate. You know Eva was my first girlfriend, she was the one who asked me out, at first when she keeps coming to me, I would always push away, but she was persistent and in the end I kind of fell for her, but it turns out that Eva was cheating on me. So I began to hate girls that professed their love for a guy.” He said and I sighed and led him to the sofa, and we both sat down.

“Jake, there’s nothing wrong with a girl professing her feelings for a man, i say if you really love a guy and he’s single, then go for him, let him know you love him, who knows the guy might also be in love with the girl but he’s also finding it hard to tell her. Jake, one thing you must know, is that even if you were the one who asked Eva out, she would have still cheated on you, a cheat would always remain a cheat, is in their blood.” I utter.

“I guess you’re right, so this is why I was rude to that girl and other girls before her.”

“But you were also rude to me, you dumped chocolate batter on my body.” I exclaim, throwing my hands up in the air.

“Yeah, chocolate batter that you licked off, your body.” He comments boredly and I hit him on his arm.

“Ouch, that’s painful.” He cries out.

“And that wasn’t my point.” I retort.

“Okay fine, I know i dumped chocolate batter on you, but that was only because you stained my shirt with the chocolate cake and also drank from my bottle of water.”

“Are you being serious right now, you dumped chocolate batter on me, you threw rotten eggs at me and finally you locked me up in a prison cell, all because of a freaking chocolate cake I mistakenly rubbed on your shirt and bescause I drank from your bottle of water, are you being serious right now, that’s your ideal reason for a revenge. Oh my God you are so freaking dead!!!.”I yelled at him, and he immediately stood up from the couch and I chased him round the room.

“Okay I give up, gosh why are you not tired.” Jake asks, plopping down on the couch, breathing so hard and then I claimed on top of him and started hitting his chest.

“I can’t believe you, you, locked me up in prison all because of a damn stain on your shirt and a freaking bottle of watee.” I said hitting him really hard.

“Trouble stop, that’s really painful.” Jake yells out and held both of my hands, stopping me from hitting him the more. I tried struggling out of his hold, and then he actually pulled me closer to him and my face lands on his manly chest, then I raised my head up, only to see him staring at me really intently and I also got lost in staring into his eyes. I don’t know who made the first move but I found myself kissing Jake and at the same time, grinding my ass on his dick.

“Oh goddddddddd.” I moaned as Jake kissed my neck, down to the curve of my breast, his fingers finds it’s way to the entrance of my womanhood, his fingers stroked me not so hard but enough to make me want more.

“oh goddddddddd.” I moaned out, as he frivolously rammed his fingers into me, my breathing increase, sweat drizzling down my face, he takes off my shirt, leaving me in my bra only, he use his other hand and take out my left breast and then sucked on my nipples, I drew his head closer wanting more of the pleasure he makes me feel. Then my sense returned and I jumped off Jake’s body immediately, “we can’t do this Jake, fuck, geez.” I utter frantically, getting up from Jake’s body.

“I’m so sorry, trouble. I didn’t mean to take the kiss that far.” Jake apologize and I sigh, putting on my shirt back.

“It’s okay, I also got carried away.” I said.

“Can I ask you a question.” Jake asks and I nod my head, for him to go ahead.

“Are you still a virgin.” He blurts out and I laughed out.

“Okay, first of all why do you ask.”

“Well, you yelled out, when you know we were in the middle of that.” He answers nervously, he is so cute when his nervous.

“Well, to answer your question, I’m not a virgin and to why I stopped you from having sex with me, is because you’re not my boyfriend, you might I’ve confessed your feelings to me but you never asked me out, so why should I let you have sex with me if I’m not sure you’re serious with me or not.” I ask him frowning and he smirked, “why are you smirking.” I ask him and instead of answering my question, the idiot walked up to me and draw me closer to me and kissed me briefly. okay why does he love doing that.

“Cute trouble, would you do me the honours of being my girlfriend.” He asks me, staring straight into my eyes.


“Wait what, what do you mean by no.” He asked me shocked.

“Seriously, you’re only asking me out because I said so, and there’s nothing romantic about this, if you want me to date you then you’ve got to pop the question the right way.” I said and hissed, then walked out of the sitting room, not without hearing him yell,
“Are you for real, trouble.”