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His Not My Colour Chapter Eight

His not my colour

πŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏ His Not My Colour πŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏ
🏫A crazy Nigerian Girl In An American School 🏫

✍️ Written by Wilfred Bright ✍️
Chapter Eight
Theme:Food baby

πŸ™ƒ Jake’s Pov πŸ™ƒ

I sighed for the 10th time, wondering why I’m actually driving the crazy girl to my house to cook for her.

Uhm because she’s demented and dangerous. My subconsciousness replies boredly and I sigh again.

“Why are you sighing.” The demented witch asks.

“I’ve been thinking how I’m supposed to cook for you, if I have never cooked before.” I answered my eyes on the road.

“I don’t care, you promised a private cooking show and you’re fulfilling it.”

“I didn’t promise you a cooking show, I pranked you. And fine if it’s a cooking show you want then I’ll hire a chef right now or we could go to a very popular restaurant I know.”

“No, I want you to cook and that’s final.” She says glaring at me and I sighed one more time and then faced the road.


😁 Elo’s Pov 😁

I sat down expectantly in the kitchen waiting for Jake, I don’t even know what’s taking him too long. You must be wondering what’s going on, well since Jake decided to prank me, I decided to revenge back by asking him to cook for me, like, who doesn’t know rich kids like him can’t cook.

The apple I was currently eating, fell from my hand as Jake walked into the kitchen in an apron, he looks so sexy in an apron. OMG.

“I know I look ridiculous, no need to rub it in.” He comments frowning.

“Yeah you’re right, you look really ridiculous in that apron.” I said laughing, I had to agree with what he said, cause I don’t want him knowing I find him sexy.

“So what are you cooking, chef.” I asked, clapping my hands excitedly.

“First of all I’m not a chef, and well since you forced me to do this, then I’ll be cooking something simple.” He says, taking a frying pan from the kitchen cabinet.

“So…. what are you cooking.” I asks him again.

“Like I said it’s a simple dish, I’ll be frying chicken for you.” He says and I stared at him in shock, what does he mean by he will be frying chicken, chicken it’s not a food, chicken it’s something we eat with food. Can someone tell this idiot that chicken isn’t a food. I sigh, and decided to let him cook chicken, besides he can’t cook anything else.

After few minutes of Jake parading the kitchen, mixing ingredients, that I don’t even know what he needs it for, the chicken finally got ready and it really looks delicious, now I want to eat it.

I clapped my hands excitedly as he placed the chicken in front of me and i smiled at him happily, he only rolls his eyes at me in reply, whatever. I hurriedly picked up a lap of chicken, paying no hid to the cutlerys Jake laid out, like, why should I use a freaking fork and knife to eat chicken when I have my natural spoon, which is my hands.

I take a bite out of the chicken and immediately spit it out, THIS IS TERRIBLE.

“What’s wrong.” He asks.

And I didn’t even answer him, I stood up immediately and rushed to the kitchen sink and drink water directly from the tap, “what’s wrong, what’s wrong, is that you Jake Hunters wants to kill me, guy why did you fry the chicken with pepper.” I yelled at him, blowing air into my burning mouth.

“In the recipe i read online pepper is needed, and are you sure the pepper is too much, I only put one teaspoon of this pepper.” He says staring at the bottle of pepper, I take the bottle from him and gasp when I found out is hot peppers.

“So Jake, did the recipe told you to put one teaspoon of HOT PEPPERS!!!.”

“What do you mean by hot peppers.” He asked surprise taking the bottle of pepper from me, he reads the inscription on the bottle and smiled nervously at me.

“Have you seen, have you seen that, you almost got me killed because of you don’t know how to read.” I yelled hitting him on his chest.

“Hey, hey, hey, stop okay,that is painful and beside you were the one who asked me to cook for you, I never told you I’m a cook, did I?”.

“Talking about food, I’m still hungry.”

“Seriously.” He utters looking at me with unbelief.

“Yeah, so grab your car keys you’re taking me to a restaurant to eat.” I said, pushing him out of the kitchen.


🧐 Jake’s Pov 🧐

“How on Earth, do you plan on eating all of this.” I asks the demented witch shocked, staring at all the Nigerian food she ordered, yeah, I took her to an African resturant and I’m actually regretting that decision now. Can you believe she ordered up to six different food.

“Shhhhhhh, I’m trying to concentrate on eating this delicious meal in front of me.”

“It’s not a meal, this is meal’s and how are you going to eat all of this.” I exclaim.

“Jake Hunters, please keep quiet.” She says and I huff, then folded my hand on my chest, and watched at her curiously.

“Oh my God, this egusi soup taste heavenly and you oha, it’s been really long since I tasted you, you look so delicious, oh my God you’re delicious. Agh, and this dry fish, wow the taste is heavenly. Jollof rice, I missed you so much.” She utters, eating from every plate on the table.

“Did anyone told you that you eat like a pig.” I asks her frowning, hoping nobody recognize me in this African resturant, I do not want to be tagged with this witch.

“Did anyone tell you I stabbed people who distract me from eating.” She retorts glaring at me and that was the last time I talked till she finished eating and I’m currently Wonder if she has an invisible sack tied to her neck.

“Oh my God, I feel like a pregnant woman.” The witch cries out as I tried leading her to my car.

“Well, no one asked you to eat that much.” I said boredly.

“What did you expect me to do, there was just so many yummy delicacies to eat from and I just couldn’t bring myself to chose one okay, oh my God, I think I’m having a food baby.” She cries out and I sigh. How did I get here.

“Hey, you can’t have a food baby, cause there’s nothing like a food baby, okay.”

“Are you sure about that, cause the baby it’s actually coming, I’m going to be a mother Jake, but wait who is going be to be the father.” She asks pouting her lips. Ugh.

“Definitely not me.” I answered helping her into the car.

“But then, my baby would be fatherless.” She utters sadly as I got into the driver seat.

“Hey, look at me, YOU’RE NOT GOING TO HAVE A BABY, okay.”

“Why are you yelling at me.” She utters, and can you believe she started crying. Oh geez, this is going to be a long night.


I sighed placing the witch on the bed, tonight was a long night, can you believe I ended up buying baby stuff, because this girl, this crazy girl continued believing she’s going to have a food baby, I tried making her see reasons why she can’t have a food baby but in the end I had to agree with her.

I sigh the more staring at her as she sleeps peacefully, no one would think a girl like her, could be that crazy. You know Gage is right, she does look cute, she’s cute, she’s one cute trouble. Ugh, I’m beginning to think rubbish, i must be really tired, I sighed again and walked out of the guest room, leaving cute trouble to sleep. What a day.