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🙅{ She’s a psycho🤼, 😠 He’s Grumpy} 🚶

Written by : ✍️ Goodness Ade


GENRE: Suspense 😯, Romance😋, Action 🔪.

🤸. Episode {8} 🤸

🙅Stacy Pov 🙅

I looked at him and noticed he was still staring at my panties.

I raised my hand and hit his head real hard.

” Auuuuch”. He yelled pushing me from him and rubbing his head.

” Auuuuucn”. I mimicked with a funny face and hit his forbidden zone.

” Oooooo”. He groaned and fell to the floor with his hands on his forbidden zone.

” Why did you do that?!”. He yelled still holding his forbidden zone.

” Ask me again and I will hit you real hard down there”. I said with a serious look.

” I will love that “. The idiot said and licked his lips.

I rolled my eyes and went out of the room.

I wanted to enter my room but it was locked.

Oops I actually forgot I locked the bitch inside my room.

I dipped my hand into my breast and took out the key.

I put the key in the keyhole and opened it.

I entered the room and saw the idiot sleeping with her mouth opened.

I exit the room and went to Cassandra room.

” Hey”. I tapped her as she rubbed her eyes.

” What?, Are you not supposed to be in bed?”. She asked trying to sleep again.

I dragged her up and tapped her cheeks lightly.

” Where did you keep the fake cockraoach?”. I asked and immediately her eyes opened fully as she stared at me.

” Don’t tell me you are at it again “. She said laughing softly and shaking her head.

” Yes, we are at it”. I replied as we winked at each other.
” I will just sleep in your room but let me check up on justin”. I said to Cassandra after we executed our plans on Charlotte.

” Wow,. I sense something”. She said and I turned to her.

” What?”. I asked.

” Why do you want to check up on justin?”. She asked and I became mute.

I just want to see his cute face. …

What am I saying , I just want to see his ….

His what. I thought in my mind before answering her.

” I just want to check up on him”. I said and left the room immediately to avoid more questions.

I walked to Justin door and suddenly became nervous.

Why should I be nervous?, Not that I saw him naked or something ? I said in my mind and placed my hand on the door knob.

I opened the door and met darkness.

” Why will he turn of the light?”. I said and started searching for the switch.

I was still searching when the door suddenly closed.

I gulped down nothing and continued searching for the switch.

” Why am I not familiar with the room ?”. I said aloud.

I walked further and hit my leg on a table.

” Aahhhhhh”. I screamed as I sat on the floor touching my hurting toe.

” Why does it feel like a journey!!”. I yelled to myself.

I stood up and turned to leave the room when I felt something wet on my shoulder.

It feels soft but cold.

I touched it and noticed it was a hand.

” Ahhhhhh”. I screamed and Almost immediately the light tuned on.

” You…. I said but my voice trailer of. When my eyes met with a broad and well built chest.

I can’t believe am actually drooling.

” Hey”. He said

I blinked my eye repeatedly before answering

” You are such a pervert, why did you turn off the light in your room?,. Did you know it looks like forever to….

” And what are you doing in my room?”. He asked cutting me off.

” I.i.i.iii came to tell you about Charlotte “. I said and nod my head.

” Charlotte, yes Charlotte, I already put the candy in her mouth”. I said.

He only one his head and made his way to his closet.

Some minutes later he came out and stopped when he saw me.

” Go to your room miss”. He said and lay on his bed.

“Fool”. I muttered and exit the door.

🙇 Charlotte POV 🙇

I opened my eyes slowly and closed it back due to the rays of the sunlight.

I rolled away from the ray and hit my hand on something.

I forced my eye open and met myself on the floor.

I stood up quickly and remembered that bitch left me here.

” She will pay for it”. I said and noticed something on my lips.

I licked my lips and noticed it’s a candy.

” Who put a candy in my mouth?”. I thought and went towards the mirror, licking it on and on.

I got to the mirror and I almost fainted.

A cockroach in my mouth and I am licking it.

” Ahhhhhhhhhhh”.

®️ All rights reserved 📝 📝

✍️ : Goodness Ade 📚

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