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🙅{ She’s a psycho🤼, 😠 He’s Grumpy} 🚶

Written by : ✍️ Goodness Ade

Rated: 🔞

GENRE: Suspense 😯, Romance😋, Action 🔪.

🤸. Episode {7} 🤸

🙅Stacy Pov 🙅

Why will I stay in the same room with him?”.
It’s just a plan and I can easily be in my room without any disturbance but the idiot insisted I stay with him.

I placed round my room and sat in the bed with my hands in my hair.

I heard a knock on my door but I decided to ignore and sleep.

I wanted to pull the duvet on my body when the knock came again now louder than before.

The person at the door will have a taste of his medicine now.

I groaned and opened the door.

I thought it was Justin but hell no am wrong.

” What do you want bitch?”. I asked.

” Well we’ll, won’t you let me in”. She said in a mocking time and made to pass.

” Stop right there or you regret ever coming to my room”. I warned.

She laughed so loud and i www forced to cover her mouth with my hand.

She pushed my hand off and before I could talk she slapped me.

” What the fuck!!!!”. I yelled and dragged her hair furiously.

” Ahhhhhh,ouuuch”.

” Let go of me bitch, I will surely report you to Justin”. She yelled but I ignored her pleas and pushed he inside my room.

I locked the door and faced her.

” How dare you lay your slutty hand on my mouth?”. She yelled an I burst into laughter at the expression on her face.

” Call me slutty again and I will make you regret the minute you stepped your leg into this house. I said with a smirk on my face.

” You are just a bitch and a whore, you are only after judin money and nothing more and also his sweet joystick”. She rapped and laughed.

” I will be back”. I said and exit the door locking it from behind.

” Let me out you bitch!!!” She yelled hitting the door noisely.

Can’t she see or think that it’s late at night already.

The whole house was silent as I made my way downstairs.

Maybe Justin is asleep already. And Cassandra also.

I made my way to the kitchen and the light was off.

I used my hand as a guard and made my way to the switch.

I was still wandering about when the light suddenly turn on.

” Haaaaaaaa”. I yelled and turned around but bumped into someone.

” Ahhhhhhhhh”. I screamed again as I almost fell but a pair of strong hand caught me before I fell.

I opened my eyes slowly and saw Justin staring at me.

” You should be more careful and quit been clumsy”. He said and I nod my head calmly as i rst my head on his chest.

I felt so comfortable and warm in his hands.
My eyes moved to the tattoo on his right hand and chest.
It looks so cute just like JB’s tattoo.

” Ah ehm”. He coughed and I realized am still in his hand.

” Ehhh, can’t you hold on for a while am finding it hard to recover from the shock you caused “. I lied still enjoying his hands wrapped around me.

I was still enjoying the warmth provided by his arms when I started going down slowly.

I hit my butt on the floor and I let out a very loud voice.

” Haaaaaaaaa”. I screamed in pain.

I rolled on the floor and rubbed my butt.

I looked up and saw Justin laughing so hard as tears rolled down his face.

” You are such a dead meat”. I said and stood up and aimed at Justin but he was already in the stairs.

I ran after him till we both ran to his room laughing so hard.

He fell on the floor and I jumped on him immediately.

I started hitting his face with my hands lightly as we both laughed.

Justin stopped laughing all of a sudden as he focus his eyes on something.

I traced the direction of his eyes and my eyes finally land in between my thigh.

I was actually sitting directly on his dick.

And the pervert was actually staring at my panties and my pussy which was directly on his joy stick.

®️ All rights reserved 📝 📝

✍️: Goodness Ade 📚

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