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Crazy Babysitter


🙅{ She’s a psycho🤼, 😠 He’s Grumpy} 🚶

Written and edited by : ✍️ Goodness Ade


GENRE: Suspense 😯, Romance😋, Action 🔪.

🤸. Episode {2}

🔞Justin POV 🔞

” Fuck baby harder, yeah”. The bitch I was fucking moaned out in pleasure.

” Oh yes , hit me harder baby, Am cummin”. She said and before I knew what was happening her juice splashed out and I removed my dick.
I inserted it into her mouth and released into her mouth.

I wore my trousers back and threw a bundle of money at her.

I went out of the hotel room and made my way to the car.

I entered the car and hit the road.

” Am Justin Brown, a young and cute guy😋, I won’t tell you my age but with time you will know.
I fuck any pussy available and dump them.
But something you should know I don’t fuck my workers.

” Are you that blind?”. Someone yelled angrily jerking me off my thought.

I looked up and noticed a young pretty girl staring at me angrily.

I came down quickly but almost went mad when I saw what the pretty girl was doing to my favourite baby.

” Miss what do you think you are doing ?”. I yelled at her but she only continued what she was doing.

I dragged the spray from her and she turned back immediately.

” Are you crazy, you almost hit me “. She yelled and before I could answer her she hit me in my forbidden zone.

I groaned and knelt down on the floor ignoring the stares from people.

” Next time you ask about Stacy Diego”. She said and hit my head with the can of spray on her hand, then she walked away.

I tried and eventually entered my car, that girl almost killed me , did I do something bad to her?, I almost and did not, so what’s her freaky problem.

I relaxed myself for a moment and the pain subsided.
I revive the engine of the car and made my way home.

I parked my car and went into the house.
I met my mom and little sister in the sitting room.

” Hey Mom”. I said and kissed her cheek.

” Aw was ur day”. She asked.

” Great mom”. I answered and faced my little sister.

” Cass what’s popping?”. I asked her

” Stop calling me Cass it’s Cassandra , you dumb head”. She said and rolled her eyes.

I laughed at her reaction.

” Cassandra baby sitter would be her soon”. Mom said and I stopped laughing immediately.

” You stillwbent ahead to hire a baby sitter?”. I asked her

” Yes am always busy with work and you are always busy fucking around, so I had no option”. Mom said and faced the TV.

I sighed and made my way to my room.

” Can’t wait to see the babysitter”. I mumbled as I went into my room.

🙅. Stacy Pov 🙅

” Animal “. I mumbled as I made my way into the house.

I entered and saw all eyes are on me.

” Hi step dad, hi Mom and Owen “. I said and tried going upstairs.

” Move one more step and I will hand you over to the cops”. Mom said and I stopped dead on my track.

I turned around and noticed Owen face was swollen, maybe he has been crying.

” Why did you do it?”. Mom asked codly but dangerously.

” Do what?”. I asked trying to act innocent.

” Answer me now or I call the fucking cops “. Mom yelled and I knew she does not make empty threats.

” I did it for fun”. I answered and a slap landed on my face.

I held me cheeks and looked up and saw it was Owen.

” You slapped me “. I said and laughed.

I turned around to move upstairs but mom voice stopped me.

” As you move to your room pack all your necessary things and no question”. Mom said and I turned immediately.

” Why would I ?”. I asked

” You have been expelled and the only way Owen can rewrite his professional exam is for you to be the babysitter of the directors daughter”. Mom said leaving me gobmasked.

I looked at them and burst into laughter.

Mom is actually joking right or I did not hear her well.

” Can you come again ?”. I asked in between laughter.

” Go pack your bags or I call the fucking cops “. Mom yelled and I flinched

Maybe I went extra miles this time around, A babysitter , like Stacy Diego is gonna be a babysitter.

I entered my room and sat on the bed thinking of what mom said.

” Am gonna be a babysitter, well then they should prepare for the coming of STACY DIEGO.

I don’t want to go to prison and I will just pick a babysitting job.

I went over to my closet and started arranging my cloths inside my box.

I dragged my bags downstairs and met my mom with another woman talking and laughing.

So she can actually laugh after selling me out to this woman.

They looked up and saw me.

” She is beautiful just like you said”. The other woman said

” Be a good girl okay”. Mom said and I faked a smile.

” Let’s go Stacy Diego”. The woman said.

I wanted to tell her no one had the right to call me by full name but kept cool.

Let me start planning how to deal with this stupid woman here and her stupid baby I will be babysitting.

By the time am done she will throw me out of her house.

Some minutes later, we arrived at a mansion and I must confess it’s really big and beautiful.

I came down from the car and took in the view of this big mansion before me.

” The maids will help with your bag “. She said and I nodded.

I followed her into the house and a wow escaped my lips at the sight of the sitting room.

” Why is she looking like a poor ass?”. A familiar voice said and I turned towards the direction.

Ok I guess am in trouble.

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