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HER SHADOWS Like a cub hiding his mother I became a dunce just for her love I became Johnny bravo Cause only her is my weakness So sweet was her love And I won’t mind being her fool forever Just with her light kiss My heart lit so bright Love stories had always been a … Read more

Things Fall Apart

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Things Fall Apart By Joshua bethel Ogidi Things Fall Apart People living together, eating, drinking and working together, suddenly,one start doing on his own. brotherhood, despite the way one lay down himself for his neighbour, yet problem arises for separation. Things Fall Apart Truly, thirty friends cannot live for thirty years, as not all thirty … Read more


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My Beloved By Danny Hanks If time travel happens in my time i would travel back into the past, To where it all started. That cloudless mid-morning, Beautiful ,warm and clear When i set my eyes on you. Your beauty shown as it reflected light, And from a distance, i beheld your glory. But you … Read more